Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Best vegan cafe in London (aka the wild food cafe)

Wild food cafe raw vegan banoffe pie

Okay, so I cannot claim that this is the best vegan restaurant in London as I have only been to one but I haven't felt the need to venture beyond this café (as a heads up I am not vegan but I am trying to reduce the animal products in which I eat.) You wouldn't find this little gem though unless you already knew where it was as it is in a secluded area of Covent Garden in Neals Yard (keep on walking up from the urban outfitters and turn when you see Benefit and you will see the street Neals Yard flagged up.) Anyway onto the food...

The Wild Food Cafe

On visit numero one (which has become a bit hazy now due to how long I have prolonged this post!) I opted for a their 'open your mind burrito' from their winter menu. The burrito was completely stuffed with goodness and flavour and was even served with vegan sour cream, perfect for the spicy food lovers. Despite being extremely full I did choose a desert which was the young coconut banoffe pie. This was out of this world, honestly there wasn't a large amount of difference from a non vegan banoffe pie. The filling was creamy and sweet caramel flavourings shone through, the base reminded me of coconut ice and complimented the filling perfectly!
Wild food cafe vegan burrito
On my second visit I tried the 'wild spring burger' and was my first experience of trying a non-meat burger! The burger was made of a mixture of vegetables and the bun was made of a mixture of seeds, it was accompanied with some sweet potatoes (which is a current favourite of many)! I was rather upset when I realised that the Spring menu didn't include the banoffe pie however this allowed me to find a new love: The nut free chocolate tart. This one is a popular desert at the wild food café and I know why, it tastes extremely rich and has a luxurious consistency and is topped with a cacao crumble which adds a perfect crunch! I thought I would try a smoothie on this visit and the one which I went for was the White zen (which included almond milk, cold brewed coffee, dates Irish moss, fresh coconut, vanilla and cardamom)  and it had such a thick, creamy consistency  (obviously no dairy though)and it tasted like desert!

Wild food cafe vegan burger

Wild food cafe raw vegan chocolate tart

On my third visit I had learnt from my mistakes of leaving too full, I was unwilling to sacrifice a desert so I instead decided to pick a starter and then a desert and to share a smoothie. Their spring menu included the butternut squash soup (and you could choose to accompany it with raw crackers or supersede bread) which was great as it still left me a little room for desert (nut free chocolate tart again).
Wild Food Cafe smoothie
Besides the food (which is obviously the main thing in the eyes of a foodie like me) the ambiance and the staff were amazing. They were the happiest waiters and even managed to handle my dad (warning do not take dads who are not willing to try anything new and would rather go to a Mcdonalds!)

This café has enlightened my in the vegan world and has inspired me to have a healthier, more natural diet!

Em x

Friday, 15 July 2016

Radley Millbank Medium Zip Top Tote

Radley Millbank Medium Zip Top Tote

I have never been the largest bag addict and before had never owned a branded bag (unless the burgundy kipling bag counts!) so a Radley bag seemed to be the perfect starting point as at
£179 it isn't the most expensive, luxury bag but still a solid investment piece.

I have received a numerous amount of compliments for this bag, mainly because of the colour, in the colour 'granite' (basically grey) it compliments the majority of pieces in my wardrobe. It is an amazing colour if you don't want a stand-out bag but are bored of the common black bag. The grey is paired with a baby pink inside which adds a feminine touch. The only problem with this colour is that marks have started to show (after having the bag for three months) the back of the bag has a few scratches and the handle has a black mark which looks like where my jeans may have rubbed off. The inside pink colour has also started to look rather dirty, however this colour fade may be due to my lack of care.

Radley Millbank Medium Zip Top Tote

On first appearance I was worried that the bag would not fit all of my essentials in as the main reason for me purchasing a new bag was so that I could easily fit my blog camera (Canon 1200D) inside, however, even though the bag seems rather small on the outside it rather spacious inside and I could easily fit my camera inside amongst my purse, phone and other necessities.

There is only one main compartment inside the bag but a pocket for your phone and another pouch for other small items, which could be a negative for someone who likes a lot of compartments to separate things but as I only carry my phone, purse, camera and a few make- up pieces it is fine.

Radley Millbank Medium Zip Top Tote

This bag is a good starting piece for somebody who wants to start investing in bags and who wants a bag to compliment any outfit, furthermore, (annoyingly for me) the bag is now in the sale at a bargain price of £107. The style of bag is also available in coral (a more statement colour) and black (in which the colour would probably stay for longer.) If you are a fan of the colour but not they style it is also available in a range of smaller and larger bags.

Check out the range

Em x


Monday, 11 July 2016

Where have I been (again)??

171 days ago was the last time I posted, pretty shameful, I know. Well here comes the excuse, 17 exams. As I am a perfectionist I felt I could only place my energy into one thing and obviously my exams took my precedent. Late nights and early mornings (5 am!!!) went into revising and a whole forest must of been cut down for the amount of paper used for revision.

However, this now means I have a nine week summer in which I can place the majority of effort into my blog (of course my school couldn't leave me completely work free and have set me a tonne of summer work) and I have been so excited to do this.

I thought I would leave this post rather brief and as a 'hey, i'm back. I am still alive!' kind of post and to say to expect lots of exciting new content this summer!

Em x


Sunday, 17 January 2016

Top hashtags for beauty bloggers on instagram

instagram themes and pages

I have recently re-disovered instagram and have created an account entirely dedicated to my blog to try to increase blog traffic from other social media. (Cheeky self promo alert) You can check it out @emmasworld___ .

My first job was creating a theme for my instagram page which I decided as a white, minimalist theme with photos mainly based around make-up products instead of 'selfies.' When creating your theme I suggest looking at other instagram pages and use them as an influence. Sticking to a theme is difficult but it makes your overall page look neater and cleaner.
instagram themes and pages

The second job was getting my page noticed and instagram is great for this due to the hashtags, but sometimes deciding which ones to tag in photo and which ones would be suitable to your theme to optimize traffic can prove quite challenging . I looked at other pages and what hashtags they had used and  made an overall list of hashtags which are best for beauty and fashion photos, copy and paste this for your photos and watch your likes and followers increase:

#flashesofdelight #whiteaddict #flatlay #onthetable #thatsdarling #whitestyle #mystoryinwhite #desksituation #whyteworks #whiteinframe #fromabove #finditliveit #makeupmess #keepitwild #liveauthentic #minimal #fashionblogger #beautyblogger

instagram themes and pages
Sometimes tagging brands which feature in your photos is also a great idea, for example if I had a Naked pallet in the photo I would #urbandecay and tag Urban Decay in the photo.

What hashtags do you think are best for optimizing likes on photos?

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

4 goals for 2016

A more organised blog: Blogging is a hobby that I love and hope to expand my blog further which means becoming a more organised blogger.
New years resolution: blog organisarion, fitness, homework and social media

How I am going to achieve this: Last year I went through phases where I posted in masses then had a blogger burnout or was too busy to post anything. This year (fingers crossed) I am going to stick to a schedule of two posts a week on Wednesday and Saturday, no more, no less. This means I will have to plan ahead and I have already purchased myself the Kate Spade planner which I adore, by having something pretty to work with I am more likely to actually keep it up. I am also going to make sure I write posts in advance so if I do have a busy week I will have posts already prepared. Also, to help with planning my blog posts I have printed off some blog planner pages, I found these free pintable's on pinterest and you can find any to suite your needs on there. Blogging is my passion, I love the photography and relationships which you can build in the process, I really want to make a go of this.
New years resolution: blog organisarion, fitness, homework and social media

New years resolution: blog organisarion, fitness, homework and social media

Use social media more: This may seem like a strange goal as many will probably try to reduce the amount of time they are staring at their phone. For me, I want to use social media to help progress my blog. Instagram is something which I have once again fallen in love with as I can showcase my love for photography which is becoming a hobby, (a cheeky self promo) but I would love it if you check out my instagram here.
New years resolution: blog organisarion, fitness, homework and social media

How I am going to achieve this: For this I am going to try and photograph in bulks (even though it is hard at the moment as we are in the Winter, darn you darkness) which means posting photos on instagram will be easier as I will have a bank of them. On my weekly blog planner I have a section to plan out social media activity which means I can organise it more efficiently. I am also going to research into pinterest more as I am still not entirely sure on how it works and I think this is a great platform for bloggers to use.

Become healthier: Now this is a common one and I don't know how I am going to manage this one as today (being the first of January) have already scoffed a piece of cake, some remaining celebrations and half a hotel chocolate slab! Last year I managed to lose just under 2 stone in half a year which I was happy with (then I put the majority of it back on in the over half of the year)! Last year I started around the 16th of January and I am planning to do the same this year.

How I am going to achieve this: This for me is quiet hard to plan out as the main thing is motivation and will power. However, for me, following account on instagram of people with healthy lifestyles really helps as they inspire me to be a healthier, fitter person. Also, by filling my fridge with healthy food which I like is a massive help as I am likely to swap sweet treats for healthy treats.

Achieve well academically: This is the year in which I will be taking my GCSE's and choosing my sixth form options so of course I want to achieve well in my GCSE's as they will play a key role in my future. I am aiming for 7 A*'s overall an I have fortunately already achieved 4 last year.

How I am going to achieve this: The obvious answer to this is to revise. But how? I am going to map out revision to fit in with my schedule and have a process of creating resources, remembering the key details by revising the facts and practising the knowledge in past papers. I am also going to attend support sessions to receive help from my teachers.

 I am hoping this will lead to a successful year. *Fingers crossed*

What are your goals for this upcoming year?

Friday, 1 January 2016

2015 beauty favourites

I actually cannot believe that 2015 has already finished! This is the year I feel like I have discovered make-up as I have been trying new things (and have learnt how to apply it properly)! Here is a round up of my favourite beauty products this year:
Naked 2 pallet. Hourglass moonstone, maybelline, estee lauder, benefit high beam, kiko

Favourite lipstick: Estee Lauder Pure colour ROSE TEA which I have a review amongst other lipsticks which I have tried this year here.
Favourite blush: Hourglass ambient lighting blush MOOD EXPORSURE which I feel a little bit cheaty including it in my whole year favourites as I only picked it up last week but I have been using it every day since and I know it will be a favourite in 2016.
Favourite eyeshadow:Urban Decay Naked 2 pallet has a lot of amazing shades and if I had to pick a favourite out of the pallet it would be HALF BAKED.
Favourite bronzer: Benefit Hoola which has been with me for the whole of this year and hasn't been replaced by any other bronzer.
Favourite Mascara: Benefit They're Real! which is another trusty product which has lasted throughout this year and I have a mini review here.
Favourite Brow product: Maybelline Brown Drama which I included in my how-to-brow guide here.
Favourite highlighter: Benefit high beam which has stood strong as I have tried quiet a few other highlighters this year.
Favourite Nail Polish: Kiko TAUPE which is actually a new brand discovery this year. I love this nail colour as it is so subtle and can be matched with any clothing.
Favourite perfume: Estee Lauder Modern muse which I have a review on here.

So there is my first year completed, I am excited to see what other products I will pick up next year and whether any of these will be in my 2016 favourites!

What has been some of you favourites throughout 2015?
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