Saturday, 19 December 2015

Bold metals collection brushes by Real Techniques

Real Techniques brushes are my 'got to' brushes as I already own the eye set of brushes and the powder brushes, however I never quiet found the excuse to splurge £64 on the bold metal brushes; until of course I managed to bargain them for £32 on the Boots website! When I opened the package it was like a light entering the room (cringey I know;) I absolutely adore the gold, rose gold  (I can just hear everyone cheer at the colour of rose gold) and silver colouring of the brushes. One of my favourite parts of the brushes is the sharp edges at the bottom of the brush which then become more rounded nearer the top, this makes it easier to hold the brushes at the correct angle to apply and blend your make-up. The only thing is that now doing my make-up can be a bit of an arm workout as they are quiet heavy brushes, but what can be expected, I mean it says 'metal' in the name (and I do need to tone up my arms after all the Christmas eating!) Here is a run through of the brushes included:

103 Angled powder brush is an exclusive brush to this gift set; as stated in the name this brush is angled so is brilliant to contour your face. I usually use this to apply bronzer in the cheek bone area and to blend powder into my foundation.

300 Tapered brush forms a bit more of a tip, as it is a more smaller head I use this to sweep highlighter across my cheek. The tip allows a more precise application of make-up so you could also use it when highlighting brow bones and the cupids bow.

200 Oval shadow is the most rounded brush and I use it during the eye make-process. I do not use this to apply individual eye shadows but instead at the end to blend the different shadows together for a seamless finish.

How can I forget, included in the pack is also a rose gold and silver coloured real techniques make-up pouch which you can fit your brushes in to take away!

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