Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Bee happy


I was fortunate enough to receive this little bundle of items as a gift for my birthday. Bath bombs always are a treat for me and as I have never used a lush shampoo I was eager to use all of these delights. I am also a massive fan of the packaging(wrapping with bees on it) as I can re use for other people's presents. I thought I would share my opinions of these products with you:

-Fairly traded honey- As I previously mentioned I have never used a lush shampoo before and therefore this 'honey' shampoo was certainly a good one to start with. As you can probably guess one of the ingredients in the shampoo is honey and I think this gives it a honey/caramel scent. I was surprised at how sparingly I had to use this product as one crisp size amount is enough to create a large lather.

-Honey bee- This bath bomb contained aloe Vera and therefore I left my water with my skin feeling smooth like silk. It made my bath water yellow and had a very light scent. I was surprised that when I exited the bath there bomb left what looked like sand in my bath, nevertheless it was a great spring like bath bomb.


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Urban outfitter spend!

A couple of days ago I had a trip to  Bluewater and a shopping trip isn't complete without a spend in urban outfitters! I still have troubles trying to work my way around urban outfitters as it is MASSIVE and I never know where to queue so I look like an idiot waiting around for someone to call me over to their till! But I absolutely LOVE urban outfitters because it has a range of brands which suit me and I love the whacky items and strange books which they also stock. I decided I will share my latest urban outfitters purchases which I was extremely pleased with:

  • Obey t-shirt- £30-Sale price £12- I really liked this T-shirt, vest top and because it is black it will easily go with most of my clothes. I thought it would be great for the summer because it has small sleeves and is also a really thin, light material. This was obviously from the brand obey which are originally expensive but when in the sale section urban outfitters items are always great priced. I was so happy to find this with over half of the price deducted, however if you go in urban outfitters today it may not still be there!
  • Read this if you want to take great photographs-£12.95- This is like a 'how to' guide by Henry Carroll and I thought this would help me take better photographs for you guys reading this blog! I have only had a quick flick through but has quite basic language with no too technical terms and has photographs to illustrate the techniques. The book covers the topics of: lighting, composition, exposure, lenses and seeing. I am not sure if it will be too helpful seeing as I don't have a proper camera and just use my IPhone but hopefully I can pick up some tips.
  • Purse-£20-This was definitely my favourite purchase as I am in LOVE with this purse. I actually went back for this because at first I was not sure if it was worth the money. I just love how modern it looks and the colour and the leathery material! I cant actually remember which section of the store I found this though!

Friday, 3 April 2015

Lush pamper night!

After an exhausting day it is always pleasurable to soak in warm bath to sooth those worries, this is my routine when having a pamper night:

1.Remove make-up and all other nasty's from face:

Currently I use the simple moisturiser as it gentle on my skin and nicely priced, it is always essential to cleanse after wearing make-up any day as it otherwise prematurely ages your skin! I then apply the simple toner which helps oily and acne-prone skin, a toner removes dirt and oil from skin pores to create a healthier, fresher feel of your face.

2.Apply face mask:

Please excuse the red eye syndrome,  I am not a vampire!

 Next I apply a face mask to my clean skin, face masks deep clean the face and I just find them an essential on a 'pamper night.' Here I used lush's 'cupcake' facemask, despite it looking like I just rubbed poo or mud on my face it has lots of benefits! Firstly, this face mask is specifically aimed at teenage skin to help oiliness and it also calms the skin to prevent spot breakouts. I must admit the scent of the mask is quite strong but with the mixes of the aromas of my bath it was okay. This mask then has to be removed after 5 minutes.

Top tip! Just in case you haven't realised, if you bring back five black pots from lush (either from facemasks, shampoo, body washes, e.t.c) then you receive a facemask on the house!

3.Run bath:

The next stage is running a bath and adding all your bubble baths and baths bombs! Tonight I used the fluffy egg bath bomb and part of the comforter bubble bar.
Fluffy egg

The comforter

Fluffy egg £2.95- This is a bath bomb from lush's Easter range and therefore one of their limited edition items. The bright colours and sweet scent appealed me into purchasing this bath bomb, for me it revealed a candy floss aroma in the bath. I always love dropping the bomb into the bath and watching it swirling around the water and fizzling away. Fluffy egg left the water a bright pink(colour of the egg) and left the bath water so silky.

The comforter £4.75- This is a bubble bar sold continuously in lush. Because it is a bubble bar it means that I only have to crumble about 1/8 of it underneath the tap. I accompanied my fluffy egg with this as it creates a blanket of bubbles and has a beautiful berry scent. I have about 3 of these to add to the bath whenever I want bubbles!


I always light some candles-or usually one of parents does a nobody trust me with a match- and place them around the bath to set a relaxing mood. Here I have:

Coconut blossom candle(left)- I purchased this from M&S for £5. This candle just has a sweet and warm scent which reminds me of spring.

Avocado and mint scented candle(right)-This was purchased for me for £10 in paper chase. In contrast to coconut blossom this candle has mint scent(says it in the name!) and therefore a more awakening aroma to stop me falling asleep in the bath! I love this candle not for the smell but for the holder as it has a printed elephant on the side and I just think this looks so different and unestablished.


This stage is obvious, just soak in the bath and close your eyes. I always bring some music or some new television episodes to indulge in once in the bath. Bringing a glass of water or some chocolate is always a pleasant accompaniment to a warm bath.
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