Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Urban outfitter spend!

A couple of days ago I had a trip to  Bluewater and a shopping trip isn't complete without a spend in urban outfitters! I still have troubles trying to work my way around urban outfitters as it is MASSIVE and I never know where to queue so I look like an idiot waiting around for someone to call me over to their till! But I absolutely LOVE urban outfitters because it has a range of brands which suit me and I love the whacky items and strange books which they also stock. I decided I will share my latest urban outfitters purchases which I was extremely pleased with:

  • Obey t-shirt- £30-Sale price £12- I really liked this T-shirt, vest top and because it is black it will easily go with most of my clothes. I thought it would be great for the summer because it has small sleeves and is also a really thin, light material. This was obviously from the brand obey which are originally expensive but when in the sale section urban outfitters items are always great priced. I was so happy to find this with over half of the price deducted, however if you go in urban outfitters today it may not still be there!
  • Read this if you want to take great photographs-£12.95- This is like a 'how to' guide by Henry Carroll and I thought this would help me take better photographs for you guys reading this blog! I have only had a quick flick through but has quite basic language with no too technical terms and has photographs to illustrate the techniques. The book covers the topics of: lighting, composition, exposure, lenses and seeing. I am not sure if it will be too helpful seeing as I don't have a proper camera and just use my IPhone but hopefully I can pick up some tips.
  • Purse-£20-This was definitely my favourite purchase as I am in LOVE with this purse. I actually went back for this because at first I was not sure if it was worth the money. I just love how modern it looks and the colour and the leathery material! I cant actually remember which section of the store I found this though!

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