Saturday, 29 August 2015

DSLR camera for beginner bloggers

For a while I have been debating whether to invest in a decent DSLR camera as spending that much money on a camera would mean me making a major commitment to blogging. I then came across the issue on whether I would even be able to use proper DSLR camera as they just look like a load of buttons which control lots of settings, if I am honest I just wanted a camera which when I clicked on a button, magically, an amazing blogworthy photo would appear! So summed up I was a complete beginner photographer (who doesn't even know how to attach a lens to a camera) who wanted a camera which produced high quality photos, with little complications and was willing to spend around the £300 benchmark.

The camera research then commenced and I was immediately launched into the Nikon vs Canon debate as the brand which you start up with is the brand which you stay with as lenses(which are never outdated) only fit onto one brands camera models. In the end all the technical terms which is each blog/review site was using confused with and I simply just went onto my favourite bloggers accounts to see whether they used a Canon camera or a Nikon camera(I know technical!) Overall it tallied up that most of my favourite bloggers used a Canon camera- so Canon it was!

I went to Curry's for the final browse and decided that the best candidate was the Canon 1200d, I think it was the part in the description which screamed at me 'GREAT FOR FIRST TIME DSLR USER!' There was the two options for either the 1200d with the 18-55mm lens (which it always comes with) which was £279 or the slightly more expensive canon  1200d with the usual 18-55mm lens and the 70-300mm lens which was £363. I decided to bite the bullet and choose the latter as I realised that lenses on their own are around £100 at the cheapest so buying another lens now _even if I do not use it immediately) would probably save me money in the long run and I somehow managed to purchase the bundle for £330 anyway. Alongside this I had to purchase a memory card which I had no idea I needed to do until the shop assistant showed me (I told you I was a complete beginner!) I ended up purchasing this PNY 32 GB which would apparently hold up to 4000 photos.

All I needed to do once the camera was unboxed was to check out the app and watch a couple of youtube videos on how to apply a lens then after half an hour I was already up and taking photographs. The camera has the automatic setting to automatically apply the correct lighting/ focus to the scene you are in, then it has other settings best for moving photos, close up photos, the flash setting then the portrait setting. The camera also has the option to create videos and for when you become more experienced with your camera and want to adventure out there is the manual settings where you can adjust the focus yourself, e.t.c. This camera basically does the work for you, so for beginners like me this is a great investment. Here is some photos I took on the same day that I unboxed the camera, here I am displaying them against the iPhone 5s which we can appreciate that it has a good camera installed:

The comforter shower cream from Lush oxford street
DSLR camera
iPhone 5s
Exclusive bath oils from Oxford Street Lush
DSLR camera
iPhone 5s camera
DSLR camera

iPhone 5s camera

Thursday, 27 August 2015

A day trip to London

Considering I live in Kent I think it is pretty shameful that I only visit London twice a year and I have still only visited few of Londons spectacular sights.

On my latest visit to the capital my family and I visited the new and improved London Dungeons which was a fun visit. I usually find places like this boring but credits due to the staff who are amazing actors and actresses and actually make the information interesting. I didn't find any of it too scary but I was always kept at the edge of my seat (especially at the Sweeney Todd part!) The rides were amusing even though I did have to go on the last one alone as the rest of my family chickened out. My only complaint is that the queue to get in is really deceiving, you think you are at the end of the queue go through some doors and queue again, get your photo taken then queue again, go down a lift then queue again- so basically be prepared to stand!

We then popped along to Pret to have lunch and these are not a rare sight in London with one around every corner. Afterwards we joined the queue to the London eye which I had not ever been on before, this queue was not as deceiving as London dungeons and what I thought on appearance would be a two hour queue was actually only forty minutes and is constantly moving. I was extremely delighted to find a sweet stand right at the end and I think my family was happy too as I stopped complaining! We were quite surprised to have to get on the moving pod but once you are on you hardly feel as if you are moving. From a distance I thought that the eye would be an hour long but it only really lasted for 20 minutes and once you are up high it doesn't seem too bad (and this is coming from someone who has a fear of heights!) I would definitely ride the London eye again but I would like to experience it at night.

What is a visit to London without Oxford street? Unfortunately I could only visit one shop as my Dad was refusing to waste his London visit 'pointlessly' shopping. However I chose well and paid an over due visit to Lush Oxford Street which, with three floors and its only mini spa, I do believe is the largest in the world. However I think my purchases will have to wait for another post!


Thank you for reading, what are your favourite places to visit in London?


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tenerife lookbook

This summer I was fortunate enough to fly to Tenerife for a weeks stay in Thomson's sensatori Gran Melia Isla Palacio de Isora resort and it was one amazing week indeed. I spent many months purchasing new clothing items in preparation for my holiday and here is a showcase of some of the outfits which I broadcasted and some of the sights which I witnessed when I was away.

This is an outfit which I wore during the evening when going to dinner or watching the entertainment. I purchased this maxi dress from Hollister and is amazing for wearing abroad as it is light so I don't get too hot in the evening but also formal for the dressy events. I perfectly paired this with my blue pumps from Schuh which are flats so easy and comfortable to wear.
Mmmmm...Looking at this picture makes me feel hungry! This coconut cake was beautiful, the crumbly cake retained moisture as well as maintain the creamy coconut consistency. As of all of the dishes at the hotel it also looked beautiful.

This was the stunning pool view in the sunset of Tenerife. It was amazing to takes walks in the evening to explore such spectacular scenery.
Here I am pictured on a day out in Tenerife to visit the famous Mount Tide, unfortunately it was too cloudy to actually visit the mountain (I know rain in Tenerife) so we visited this thousand old dragon tree which is photographed behind me. I wore this dress from Hollister on the trip as it was easy to wear and also had sleeves to cover my shoulders as there is nothing worse than shoulder burn (that is of course only necessary if the sun does come out!). It is also always best to wear flat shoes on trips as there is nothing worse than stumbling around with blisters on your feet.

Tenrife hosted a spectacular firework display right on the doorstep of my hotel(literally!) It was in recognition of a Saint in Tenerife and was one of the most spectacular firework displays I have ever seen. The display started at midnight and the celebrations continued in the town until 6am but I only stayed for the fireworks. I do believe it is the best display I have ever seen and the streets were heaving with tourists as well as locals which had travelled from all corners of the country! This certainly was a night to remember!
Here is a pool outfit where I am wearing a kimono from Hollister, Kimonos are an essential when you get out of the pool and want a cover up. My bikini is blue which pairs nicely with my kimono and I purchased this from Victoria secret.

Here is another beach outfit where I am wearing a dress which a neighbour brought back from Spain. Dresses which are a couple of sizes too big are great for the beach as they are easy to move around in and the design on this dress is beautiful with the bright blue dress and the intricate  henna pattern. My flip flops are from O'Neill and are extremely comfy, I strongly recommend these for people who have soft feet like me and get instant blisters when wearing flip flops. I also opted for a make-up free look as there is nothing worse than being caked with make-up in the sun. All I had on was some foundation with a SPF of 15 to prevent me getting burnt!

Going for a stroll along the beach in the evening was beautiful as you could watch the sunset over the sea. I am wearing a plain black dress which is a fashion requirement for all wardrobes as it can be dressed up or down. I am also wearing some wedges which were surprisingly comfortable for their height, I purchased these beauties from Monsoon.
Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed all my holiday outfits, what are your summer essentials?

Saturday, 22 August 2015

My phone in apps

-The socials

  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Edmodo(a 'learning' app so that we can stay connected with school all the time!)
  • Whatsapp

-The necessities

  • Trip advisor
  • Daily mail
  • Mail online
  • Google
  • G-mail
  • Google maps

  • Whitagram
  • Pic collage
  • Photo editor
-Blog related

  • Blogger
  • Bloglovin
  • Google analytics
-The 'fun ones'
  • Two dots
  • Covet
  • Tapped out
  • Icon pop quiz
  • Game of life
  • Montezuma blitz
  • Flappy bird (that ones a keeper)
  • Dad trigger
  • Quiz up

-The randoms

  • Followers +
  • Britain's got talent 2015
  • Be my eyes
  • Nutracheck

Yes that is a crack on my phone:/

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Best interior stores home

Who doesn't love a home shop?  I really enjoy looking at new interiors for my bedroom and for my house in general (as my parents don't have the best home ware style.) I am planning to re invent my bedroom soon (hopefully) and here are my favourite stores which I have been browsing and taking inspiration from their interiors.

Urban outfitters:

In the store they don't really have that much to show but I love their online range. I wouldn't say that you could buy a bed from their but their decorations are out of this world. I absolutely love their duvet sheets and I never thought I could get excited for duvet sheets! If you are trying to make your room the next pinterest or tumblr room this is the place to go, with their modern pants (cactuses) and edgy lighting the range is open to teenage bedrooms. They also do some quirky items which I never thought I would need, probably don't need them but want them! The brand is a little  pricey but the stuff is really worth it.

Next at home:

Wow! I love next at home, whenever we drive past I always beg to have a look inside and I am super excited for their Christmas range to come out (it's August I can mention Christmas now!) In fact I think I bought half of my mum's presents from here last year which she was very pleased at my creativity, to be fair I didn't have much competition against my Dad! But anyway, I think next offer a good variety for every bedroom in the house, they stock appliances, decorations and the bulky furniture like beds and shelves. It is a modern brand and affordable so is a great place to go when buying loads of new items for your room.


I am going to throw this out there, this brand does not come cheap-not at all- but how can I write a home ware post without mentioning anthropologie? Their items are so beautifully decorated and are well made. Anthropologie is famous for its intricate detailing's which make the room an individual. It also does sell bigger furniture items like sofas and tables so if you have the money you could furnish your whole house with the brand! This brand is less modern and more classy with beautifully hand painted and hand stitched items. Their items for the kitchen are adorable and I would really recommend looking at their plates and mugs.

So there we have it, the places where I would shop for home items! Where do you guys shop when shopping for homeware?


Friday, 7 August 2015

DIY beauty: Honey and oat facial scrub

There is no denying that shop bought moisturisers and exfoliators are good quality, but when you read the label on the back it does sometimes worry me the actual things which I am I putting on my skin and what they are doing to my face in the long run. This is why I sometimes find it preferable to make my own scrub as I know exactly what is in the face product and how each ingredient effects my skin, This honey and oat facial scrub would act wonders for your skin as all the ingredients worked into the mixture have different rejuvenating properties. It is quick to whip up and only needs four ingredients, the scrub also lasts for six weeks when stored in the refrigerator. The ingredients to buy work out to be £15 which is the usual price of a decent facial srub and remember that the ingredients would last for a large number of scrubs so in the long run making your own scrubs would save money. This scrub which I have made removes dead skin cells to reveal a smooth layer, it can be used on any skin types.
The ingredients:
  • 4 tablespoons of glycerin
  • 4 teaspoons of honey
  • 6 tablespoons of oats
  • 8 drops of orange essential oil
  1. Crush the oats with a mortar and pestle until they are a powder, or you can use the end of rolling pin in a bowl.
  2. Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly.
  3. Place in a container and leave in the fridge for 24 hours to let the mixture set.
Ingredients properties:

Oats contain both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which means that it cleanses and conditions skin as well as repairing and preparing skin. Oats are good when treating eczema, sunburn and allergic reactions. They are good to use in a facial scrub as they can be used on all skin types and can remove dead skin cells. This is used as the exfoliator in the product.
You can find this in most supermarkets.

Honey is a natural ingredient which has many uses from wound healers to face masks. This is because honey heals cuts and acts as as an antiseptic but the properties which makes it good for a face scrub is that honey repairs and protects skin and improves skin tone. Honey can lighten the skin tone, highlighting your face and is good for sensitive skin. This is used as the toner and cleanser in the product.
You can find this in most supermarkets.

Orange essential oil has skin protecting and repairing properties and also tones the skin. This is because it helps to promote collagen production which the encourages the skin repairing process. It also adds a citrusy flavour to the product so leaves your face feeling and smelling refreshed. The orange essential oil is especially helpful for acne prone and dry skin so add extra if you have either of those skin problems.
You can find this in Holland and Barret and other health stores.

Glycerin is an odourless product, which helps to hold the ingredients together as a facial scrub. It also contain moisturising properties so is an essential for the scrub.
You can find this in the baking aisle of most supermarkets.


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Favourite make-up brand: Benefit

Benefit make-up
It has come to my attention that half of my make-up draw is full of benefit products, I think this represents my love for the brand. For me, benefit is at the bottom of the high end spectrum of make-up and is the brand I have grown up with for make-up. I feel as if I purchase most of my products from here as my first make-up items were from benefit and therefore I am confident with the products.
Favourite products:
I absolutely adore benefit's creaseless cream eye shadow range and my favourite shade is birthday suit. I used to have the mini version but then splashed out on the large version of this shade. I love the formula of the cream shadows, they are a shimmer shade and are so easily spreadable and blend well with other colours in the range. Birthday suit is a gold, bronzy colour and my preferable shades of eye shadows are nude colours so it is no surprise this is my favourite eye shadow and benefit item. 
My other favourite benefit item is the they're real mascara. This mascara thickens my eye lashes and extends them so it looks as if I am wearing false eyelashes. I think it beats the other mascaras in the benefit range which is the roller lash and bad lash, and if my opinion is not persuasion enough that this is an incredible product the mascara was also voted number one in the UK.
Least favourite products:
One of my less preferable products is the all over me body mist. I don't want to seem ungrateful as I was given this as a gift but I really dislike the scent of the product. To me it has a soapy, musky smell whereas I prefer more floral and sweet scents. I also do not like the way that the mists sets on the skin, it doesn't see to soak in and lays on my skin layer uncomfortably.
Another item which I would avoud is the ultra plush lip gloss which I have in the shade a-lister. Firstly the colour is too much of a baby pink for me to wear and I do not think this shade suits me. Secondly the lip gloss formulation seems rather thick when on my lips but also quite slimy at the same time. Overall I would give the whole plush lips range a miss.
Price rating: ££
Their products are mid prices, they are not cheap but are more affordable than brands like Bobbi brown and Giorgio Armani, their prices average at about £20 per product.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Healthy salad with flavour

So recently I have been embarking on a 'healthy eating' regime (I must not call it a D I E T) and I have almost met my goal weight. Throughout my 'healthy eating' I have had many salads and realised that some are just bland and boring and others that just do not fill you up. But this 'chicken tikka' salad has so much flavour I thought that I would share the ingredients with you so you can whip it up in 5 minutes so that you are full for hours:
  • Half a red pepper
  • Handful of santini tomatoes
  • One piece of celery
  • Half  a pack of M and S chicken tikka fillets
  •  50g roasted tomato rice salad
  • Half a pack of mixed leaves
I accompanied my sald with a cold glass of water with lemon as this drink has many health and diet benefits: .


Sunday, 2 August 2015

Inspiration (10 things)

Writers block. The dreaded fear of all bloggers, can't think, can't write, can't blog. Lately I have been a victim to writers block and here are some of the things which I do to re-inspire myself and get typing.
  1. Take a walk, stroll, plod- whichever pace suits you really! I find taking myself away from the laptop and into an new environment gives me a new thinking space.
  2. Listen to music- We all have different music that suits us best but I find typing in 'relaxing music' into youtube and listening to those tranquillizing songs takes me to a paradise where I can unwind.
  3. Read other blog posts- I am not saying STEAL their ideas but they can always prompt new and might I say better ideas.
  4. Take a shower- Legend has it that your best ideas come to you when you are showering.
  5. Unplug- Sometimes all the blog posts, tweets and dare I say those beach pictures on instagram wont help cure that writers blog. Take yourself away from your phone, laptop, the 21st century and allow and empty mind, then there is free space for new ideas!
  6. Take a nap-You may just be tired?
  7. Eat-Any excuse to eat is good really so we will use a writers block as one excuse.
  8. Talk to someone-Sometimes we gain inspiration from others.
  9. Go shopping- This would especially help if you are a beauty blogger as you may just find that product which is dying to have a review written about it.
  10. Read inspirational quotes-They do help. Period. Here I will leave you with one:Inspirational quotes for bloggers
What helps you best when you have a writers block?

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