Monday, 11 July 2016

Where have I been (again)??

171 days ago was the last time I posted, pretty shameful, I know. Well here comes the excuse, 17 exams. As I am a perfectionist I felt I could only place my energy into one thing and obviously my exams took my precedent. Late nights and early mornings (5 am!!!) went into revising and a whole forest must of been cut down for the amount of paper used for revision.

However, this now means I have a nine week summer in which I can place the majority of effort into my blog (of course my school couldn't leave me completely work free and have set me a tonne of summer work) and I have been so excited to do this.

I thought I would leave this post rather brief and as a 'hey, i'm back. I am still alive!' kind of post and to say to expect lots of exciting new content this summer!

Em x


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