Friday, 15 July 2016

Radley Millbank Medium Zip Top Tote

Radley Millbank Medium Zip Top Tote

I have never been the largest bag addict and before had never owned a branded bag (unless the burgundy kipling bag counts!) so a Radley bag seemed to be the perfect starting point as at
£179 it isn't the most expensive, luxury bag but still a solid investment piece.

I have received a numerous amount of compliments for this bag, mainly because of the colour, in the colour 'granite' (basically grey) it compliments the majority of pieces in my wardrobe. It is an amazing colour if you don't want a stand-out bag but are bored of the common black bag. The grey is paired with a baby pink inside which adds a feminine touch. The only problem with this colour is that marks have started to show (after having the bag for three months) the back of the bag has a few scratches and the handle has a black mark which looks like where my jeans may have rubbed off. The inside pink colour has also started to look rather dirty, however this colour fade may be due to my lack of care.

Radley Millbank Medium Zip Top Tote

On first appearance I was worried that the bag would not fit all of my essentials in as the main reason for me purchasing a new bag was so that I could easily fit my blog camera (Canon 1200D) inside, however, even though the bag seems rather small on the outside it rather spacious inside and I could easily fit my camera inside amongst my purse, phone and other necessities.

There is only one main compartment inside the bag but a pocket for your phone and another pouch for other small items, which could be a negative for someone who likes a lot of compartments to separate things but as I only carry my phone, purse, camera and a few make- up pieces it is fine.

Radley Millbank Medium Zip Top Tote

This bag is a good starting piece for somebody who wants to start investing in bags and who wants a bag to compliment any outfit, furthermore, (annoyingly for me) the bag is now in the sale at a bargain price of £107. The style of bag is also available in coral (a more statement colour) and black (in which the colour would probably stay for longer.) If you are a fan of the colour but not they style it is also available in a range of smaller and larger bags.

Check out the range

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