Friday, 27 November 2015

Winter blog post ideas

Christmas is the best time to go all out on your blog posts and to add some festivity to them, however it sometimes reaches the point where the lazy evenings get to us and we all lose that spark of writing; so I wrote a list to act as a little inspiration for what to write about during the winter season. Some of the posts I have left open to interpretation so you can add your own touch to it.

Beauty, lifestyle, food, fashion, home blog post ideas for winter

Gift ideas:
  • Luxury Christmas gift ideas
  • Christmas gifts for under £20
  • Gifts for Secret Santa
  • Beauty gift ideas
  • Gifts guide for specific group (age, gender or relation)
  • My Christmas wish list
  • Stocking present ideas
  • Gift buying on a budget
  • Round up of your favourite stores gifts
  • The best shop for gifts
  • Gifts to avoid
  • Overall gift guide
  • Selection of edible gifts (because everybody loves food)
  • Presents for a pet
  • How to avoid overspending
  • Giving to those without this season


  • Favourite Christmas recipes
  • Baking ideas for Christmas
  • Step-to-step on a Christmas recipe
  • Party food ideas/ favourite recipes for a dinner party
  • Traditional Christmas recipes
  • Try to make a Christmas recipe healthy (good luck trying)

  • Christmas day make-up
  • Christmas inspired colours nails
  • Skin care during the winter
  • Hairstyles for Christmas parties
  • Winter pamper evening
  • Festive flagrancies for your body 
Molton brown and beauty blog post ideas

  • Winter essentials
  • Winter look book
  • Christmas day outfit
  • Trends which will be massive this winter
  • Predicted trends for 2016 (sounds scary to say 2016)
  • Top tips on boxing day sale shopping
  • Christmas accessories
  • Home made Christmas cards
  • Home made Christmas decorations
  • Gift wrapping ideas

  • Christmas decorations
  • Best Christmas d├ęcor shops
  • Christmas room tour
  • Collection of the best winter candles/ incenses
  • Winter interiors  
  • How to decorate a small space
  • How to make your home festive on a budget

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Face masks

In the Wintery months the perfect thing to do is to soak in a warm bubble bath with a box of chocolates and a face mask on. Face masks are an area which I feel many people are shady on as there isn't really anyone to tell you which is best, here are a selection of my favourites:

Face masks: Lush cranberry and Super facialist pore purifying

Lush Cranberry face mask- Whenever I have bought a face mask from Lush before it has always been the one which has most appealed to me by ingredients or name not the mask which is suited best to my skin. When I told the lady in Lush that I had dry skin and the only two masks I had used was cupcake and catastrophe cosmetic she was shocked as apparently these are the worst masks for dry skin. Instead she suggested the masks Oat fix and their festive mask cranberry.  I tried cranberry and it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, unlike cupcake it has quiet a nice fragrance added to it and is not overwhelming (I hate a poignant scent on my face when I am trying to relax in the bath.) After using the mask my skin feels extremely clean and it feels like the remaining dirt on my face has been removed.

Super facialist pore purifying clay mask- This is an affordable face mask which I have recently re purchased from Boots. The face mask is thin which means it is easy to apply and remove and wont make a mess of your bathroom sink! This mask is great for when your pores feel clogged and leaves your face feeling clean. This mask does make my face tingle slightly but that is because I have very sensitive skin. I am yet to purchase more  products by  Una Brennan.

What face products are your favourites?

Sunday, 8 November 2015

The perfect drugstore brow

Eyebrows. The bane to many teenage girls lives, the reason why many people loose 30 minutes sleep in the morning. I am not saying that my eyebrows are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G but I am pretty sure these drugstore products have helped them look more tamed!

 To start with I brush through my brows with the Maybelline master shape brow pencil to shape them naturally. Next I lightly brush through them with the Maybelline brow drama which I use in the shade light brown, this colours the light eyebrow hairs to thicken my eyebrows and the formula dries to keep them in shape. I ensure to do this stage lightly otherwise the liquid would dry on my eyebrows and crumble. Afterwards I use the pencil on the Maybelline master shape to further fill in my eyebrows, I use the pencil to define the arch and extend my brows. Finally I use the Real Techniques brow brush to give my eyebrows a final sweep into place.

In my search for the 'perfect brow' I found some top tips on how you should measure your eyebrows on where to start, arch and end.

1. To measure where to start, line your brush at an angle with the edge of your nose, the place in which the pencil meets your eyebrow zone should be where your brow begins.

2.Then line straight with the pupil in your eye, where this meets you eyebrow should be the section where your brow should begin to arch.

3.Finally, line the brush at an angle with the edge of your nose and the corner of your eye, where this lines with your brow should be where it ends.

What are your top tips when filling in your eyebrows?

Maybelline brow drama and master shape brow pencil with the real techniques brown brush
My eyebrow products

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

October Favourites

So I actually forgot that it was the end of the month even though Halloween is a big event which signifies this event. This month has been a complete blue, I think this is partly because I was away in Germany and Poland, anyway these are my favourite products this month:

As I had broken up from school my nails were allowed a little bit of colour so I reached for this KIKO nail polish in Taupe. I absolutely adore the brand KIKO as they have the most reasonably priced make-up, unfortunately there is only a few stores in the country but luckily one has opened near me! I love subtle nail colours and this shade was perfect, it is a feminine, sophisticated colour and the formula of the nail polish leaves a shiny nail and I received many compliments over the course of my trip in Berlin.

Removing my make-up is the absolute bane of my life (and I guess many others!) Luckily the Micellar cleansing water (which I had already heard many good comments about) makes this task a little less troublesome. It is a simple formula, good for even the most sensitive skin, and removes make-up so easily leaving your skin feeling clean. Unfortunately the only area this cleanser struggles in is the eye area and that is when the CLARINS eye make up remover is a gem. This leaves my eyes clean and refreshed ensuring  have no panda eyes in the morning!

At the end of the month my mum bought me a new fragrance from PINK. I have found myself giving myself a sprtiz of this scent everyday as it is very poignant and floral. I love PINK perfumes as they are all high quality and this one matches, if not tops, all of the others.

Finally is the cranberry face mask from LUSH. In the Autumnal months I always try to take better care of my skin and in the realisation that I had some pores I popped into lush and was recommended this face mask. This leaves my face feeling so clean and I have noticed a difference around my nose area, I will be doing a post on my favourite face masks so watch out for that where I will go into more detail.

What have been your favourite products this month?
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