Wednesday, 6 January 2016

4 goals for 2016

A more organised blog: Blogging is a hobby that I love and hope to expand my blog further which means becoming a more organised blogger.
New years resolution: blog organisarion, fitness, homework and social media

How I am going to achieve this: Last year I went through phases where I posted in masses then had a blogger burnout or was too busy to post anything. This year (fingers crossed) I am going to stick to a schedule of two posts a week on Wednesday and Saturday, no more, no less. This means I will have to plan ahead and I have already purchased myself the Kate Spade planner which I adore, by having something pretty to work with I am more likely to actually keep it up. I am also going to make sure I write posts in advance so if I do have a busy week I will have posts already prepared. Also, to help with planning my blog posts I have printed off some blog planner pages, I found these free pintable's on pinterest and you can find any to suite your needs on there. Blogging is my passion, I love the photography and relationships which you can build in the process, I really want to make a go of this.
New years resolution: blog organisarion, fitness, homework and social media

New years resolution: blog organisarion, fitness, homework and social media

Use social media more: This may seem like a strange goal as many will probably try to reduce the amount of time they are staring at their phone. For me, I want to use social media to help progress my blog. Instagram is something which I have once again fallen in love with as I can showcase my love for photography which is becoming a hobby, (a cheeky self promo) but I would love it if you check out my instagram here.
New years resolution: blog organisarion, fitness, homework and social media

How I am going to achieve this: For this I am going to try and photograph in bulks (even though it is hard at the moment as we are in the Winter, darn you darkness) which means posting photos on instagram will be easier as I will have a bank of them. On my weekly blog planner I have a section to plan out social media activity which means I can organise it more efficiently. I am also going to research into pinterest more as I am still not entirely sure on how it works and I think this is a great platform for bloggers to use.

Become healthier: Now this is a common one and I don't know how I am going to manage this one as today (being the first of January) have already scoffed a piece of cake, some remaining celebrations and half a hotel chocolate slab! Last year I managed to lose just under 2 stone in half a year which I was happy with (then I put the majority of it back on in the over half of the year)! Last year I started around the 16th of January and I am planning to do the same this year.

How I am going to achieve this: This for me is quiet hard to plan out as the main thing is motivation and will power. However, for me, following account on instagram of people with healthy lifestyles really helps as they inspire me to be a healthier, fitter person. Also, by filling my fridge with healthy food which I like is a massive help as I am likely to swap sweet treats for healthy treats.

Achieve well academically: This is the year in which I will be taking my GCSE's and choosing my sixth form options so of course I want to achieve well in my GCSE's as they will play a key role in my future. I am aiming for 7 A*'s overall an I have fortunately already achieved 4 last year.

How I am going to achieve this: The obvious answer to this is to revise. But how? I am going to map out revision to fit in with my schedule and have a process of creating resources, remembering the key details by revising the facts and practising the knowledge in past papers. I am also going to attend support sessions to receive help from my teachers.

 I am hoping this will lead to a successful year. *Fingers crossed*

What are your goals for this upcoming year?

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