Sunday, 17 January 2016

Top hashtags for beauty bloggers on instagram

instagram themes and pages

I have recently re-disovered instagram and have created an account entirely dedicated to my blog to try to increase blog traffic from other social media. (Cheeky self promo alert) You can check it out @emmasworld___ .

My first job was creating a theme for my instagram page which I decided as a white, minimalist theme with photos mainly based around make-up products instead of 'selfies.' When creating your theme I suggest looking at other instagram pages and use them as an influence. Sticking to a theme is difficult but it makes your overall page look neater and cleaner.
instagram themes and pages

The second job was getting my page noticed and instagram is great for this due to the hashtags, but sometimes deciding which ones to tag in photo and which ones would be suitable to your theme to optimize traffic can prove quite challenging . I looked at other pages and what hashtags they had used and  made an overall list of hashtags which are best for beauty and fashion photos, copy and paste this for your photos and watch your likes and followers increase:

#flashesofdelight #whiteaddict #flatlay #onthetable #thatsdarling #whitestyle #mystoryinwhite #desksituation #whyteworks #whiteinframe #fromabove #finditliveit #makeupmess #keepitwild #liveauthentic #minimal #fashionblogger #beautyblogger

instagram themes and pages
Sometimes tagging brands which feature in your photos is also a great idea, for example if I had a Naked pallet in the photo I would #urbandecay and tag Urban Decay in the photo.

What hashtags do you think are best for optimizing likes on photos?

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