Friday, 30 October 2015

Advent calenders

I know, I know it is not even near December yet and I am sure that some of you are screaming at the fact that I am already planning my countdown to Christmas! But advent calendars have started to come out in shops and I want to get my hands on a good one this year! I would like to try and have a beauty advent calendar as well as a chocolate calendar(can't get rid of the classic)! So I have been searching high and low for some of the most inventive advent calendars and these are some of the beauties that I have stumbled across:

Benefit- A calendar with 12 mini beauty goodies from benefit is far from disappointment. Benefit have included 12 of their favourite products for you to unwrap, this is a great way to discover new products of Benefit or stock up on your favourites. £34.50

Lush: A favourite shop especially around the festive season is bound to have some amazing gifts. This is a massive calendar which opens up to reveal 12 doors each hiding a bath treat. Winter is always the best time for a warm bath so unwrapping a treat everyday will be an amazing way to relax in the cold season. £50.00

Jo Malone: If you are willing for your advent calendar to be your one and ONLY present then go for this luxury calendar with 24 minis from Jo Malone. Indulge on the selection of 24 body crèmes and colognes with seasonal scents. £260.00

Charlotte Tilbury:Another luxurious advent calendar is the Charlotte Tilbury one, this includes 12 make-up products, some being full sized and others being travel sized. This is a great way to discover new favourites by the brand and a great preparation for the make-up across Christmas.

The Body Shop: This is a great beauty calendar for a mixture of make-up, shower gels and moisturisers. 24 days worth of treats are crammed into this box including some of their limited edition Christmas flavoured products.

Yankee candle: Everyone loves a good ol' candle; this little bundle of joy includes 24 tea light candles of different seasonal scents with a surprise on day 24! £27.99


Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Autumn Tag

Hello, I am very excited to finally being doing a post on my favourite season AUTUMN! This is my first tag post and I would like to thank As told by Alisa who kindly nominated me to do this post, so lets go...

Ok, we're talking coffees—what's your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks/Costa/Cafe Nero, etc?

I don't like coffee. The taste- or even the smell- is too strong for me and just overpowers my taste buds! But I like hot chocolate, can I talk hot chocolate? For me it would have to be a Costa one accompanied by one of their brownies or ginger bread muffins!

Accessories—what do you opt for: scarf, boots, or gloves?

I would have to go for boots for this one as I am not a massive fan of layering myself up too much. I think boots are an absolute staple for Autumn and I own two pairs which I know will be worn for all of these upcoming months; a little black pair with mini heels for everyday shopping and a pair of timberlands for Autumn walks, e.t.c.

Music—what's your favourite music to listen to during autumn?

Being completely honest I am still trying to get over the end of Glee and I the only songs I have really been listening to Glee versions. However, over the last few weeks, after seeing Christmas decorations in shops, I have started listening to some Christmas songs to get into the spirit early!

Perfume—what's your favourite scent for this time of year?

I usually don't change up my scents throughout the year and just purchase new perfumes when I run out or there is a new product on the moment. Currently I am using the Chloe mini perfumes which I purchased in the summer (in duty free)!

Candles—what scents will you be burning this season?

I love burning candles in the Autumn as it creates a warm, pre- Christmas atmosphere. My most recent candle which I have been burning is cinnamon brulee, I love the cinnamon smell but sometimes it is a bit overpowering so the cinnamon brulee flavour by Langleys home adds a sweetness to the smell and makes the aroma of the room smell like you have just been baking cakes! Another candle flavour which is on my wish list (and yes a candle wish list does exist) is pumpkin spice as this is properly festive for Halloween.

What do you love most about autumn?
Everything! I adore Autumn and it is by far my favourite season! I love arriving home and going inside to the warm from the chilly outside; the leaves which cover the ground and the whole lead up to Christmas! Overall, in my opinion, Autumn is such as cosy season and I am often inside with wooly socks, snug in a dressing gown and eating some Autumn themed treats.

Favourite makeup look?

During Autumn I love to embrace the seasonal colours and style a gold, bronzey eye. I also wear a lot of dark reds and purples on the lip, the colours which I love to wear are in my Autumn lips post (cheeky self-promo there!)

What are you looking forward to the most in autumn?

Something which has come round so quickly is my Berlin trip with the school. I love school trips as it is a time to go away with friends and this Berlin to Poland trip has been planned for over a year. The trip will be a mixture of fun from being with my friends but also great sadness and reflection as we go to visit Auschwitz and the Berlin wall. I certainly can imagine this will be an extremely moving experience.

I hope everyone enjoys there Autumn and I nominate Ela from Ela Bella World! Hopefully I will be doing a Winter tag soon!


Sunday, 18 October 2015

The travel essentials

This Friday I am travelling with my school to Berlin in Germany which will then be followed by an overnight coach journey to Krakow in Poland. This is going to be a moving and emotional trip as we are visiting locations such as Auschwitz and the Berlin wall; it is certainly guaranteed that it will be an eye opening experience. So in preparation for this trip I have been frantically shopping to buy clothes and holiday necessities . Here are some essentials which everyone needs when on a trip:

Dry hair shampoo- When you are away you don't want to be wasting your time washing your hair, however when you look back at snapshots you also don't want to have greasy hair. Dry hair shampoo is perfect to maintain clean hair when away and also adds extra volume!

Compressed deodorant- Obviously when you are away you want to stay refreshed and smell pleasant, compressed deodorant is the best as it is not only environmental friendly it also takes up less room in the suitcase!

Adapter- When away in a foreign country an adapter is a NECESSITY! Obviously you want your phone charged and electrical appliances like straighteners to work. With the change in plug socket you must remember to pack an adapter.

Sweets- When on the plane or travelling you most likely want to have a sweet in your mouth, especially if you are on the plane you would want some sweets to suck on to stop yours ears popping.

 Eye make up remover- Even when you are away you have to remember to remove your make-up!

Cleansing water- This is the best formation of a cleanser to bring away as it is light on the skin and makes the process of removing make up quick and simple.

Hair bands- These always go missing so quickly so I always take a packet as when I am away I usually want my hair out of my face.

What are your essentials to bring away on holiday?

Monday, 12 October 2015

Autumn lips

The bet colours of lipstick for Autumn

MAC DIVA- This is probably one of MAC's most popular shades and is a dark red with purple undertones. I am ashamed to say this is my very first MAC item but I will definitely be purchasing some more (perhaps velvet teddy)! I love the matte finish and I am also very impressed with the quick dry and staying power. This is such as typical Autumn, berry colour so I know I will be reaching for it a lot this season! Overall this is a great lipstick with a reasonable price tag for a high end brand: £15.50.

MAC Diva lipstick

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy DISCREET- Discreet is a nude shade with brown undertones and is perfect for a natural make-up day. The texture of the lipstick is very creamy and has a full coverage. This has a slightly higher price tag of £25.00.

Estee lauder DISCREET lipstick

Estee Lauder Pure Colour ROSE TEA- Another one of Estee Lauders lipsticks, this is a nude with pink undertones. I love the creamy finish and the pinky nude compliments the autumn colours. This lipstick has a label of £22.00.

Estee lauder Pure colour ROSE TEA lipstick

NO7 Moisture Drench SOFT PAPRIKA-This is the most affordable lipstick and is from NO7's match made perfect range where your lipstick is matched to your skin tone. My foundation colour is CALICO and soft paprika is a shade which is meant to compliment my skin tone. This is a slightly different option from the other colours as it is a bright, bold red with pink undertones. This is a real statement lipstick for nights out and has a label of £9.50.

Autmumn colours for lipsticks, MAC ESTEE LAUDER NO7

What are the lipsticks that you have been wearing this Autumn?


Friday, 9 October 2015

Estee Lauder gift

Estee lauder gift
I have been eyeing up this Estee Lauder gift for a while now and when I went to the Boots Christmas event I thought it was a great opportunity to purchased extra products to be able to receive this beautiful package (I managed to pick up £10 worth of reward points on my Boots card!) To receive this gift you have to purchase two products, one of your choice and another either being skin care or foundation.
The gift includes a very retro bag, bold red flowers with dark blue. I always find these bags useful for when you go on holiday as I always need loads of them to store my make-up and other essentials in!
My favourite product which is included in the Pure colour lipstick in the shade 17, Rose Tea-which is a pink shade with brown undertones. The coverage is buildable so you can apply it to how it suits you and as it is a cream lipstick it leaves a matte finish.  

The gift has many skin care items packaged inside, one being the advanced night repair. This one of Estee Lauders best sellers and is a serum to fight aging. Unfortunately this is not an essential to me so I will most likely gift it to somebody else. An item which is a necessity is the Take it away make-up remover which is suited to all skin types. The formula is a cream so I massage it gently into my skin and rinse afterwards which leaves my skin feeling fresh. The Daywear advanced multi protection Anti oxidant crème is another anti-aging item. However, this one is more suited to me as it helps to prevent young aging and helps to leave a smooth finish on the face. This is great for dry skin which is fortunately my skin type.

The Modern Muse perfume is also included which is a strong floral, woody scent which leaves a warm impression. This perfume only needs a couple of spritz to completely enrich your body with it scents and I can imagine this would last me a long time.

An empty bottle of the double wear foundation is included in which I assume I would take to the counter to be filled with my colour which is pure beige; this is another one of Estee Lauders key items. Finally, included in a small book kit the Illuminating perecting primer and the Double Wear concealer in the shades: light, light/medium and medium.

Overall the gift is of high value and contains many products of generous size to test. I would definitely repurchase the Rose tea lipstick! What has been you favourite gift from a make-up company?

Monday, 5 October 2015

Autumn interior

Home magazines and autumn home interior

So it is definitely official that we are finally in Autumn!!! I absolutely love using the excuse that
it is a new season to buy some new pieces for my home and I know I can't switch up my whole interior every season! For me, Autumn screams orange and brown interiors with a woody feeling to create a warm atmosphere to prepare for coming cold months, here are some pieces I selected to make your home to feel more 'Autumnal':

Stag Table Lamp
M and S Stag Table Lamp-£49.50 
  Grapefruit & Ginger Owl Filled Scented Candle
M and S Grapefruit and Ginger scented owl candle-£12.00
 George Home Silver Moroccan Lantern
 George Silver Lantern- £12.00
Very Set of 2 Antique effect trunks
 Very Set of 2 Antique effect trunks -£99
 The Cotsworld company Evelena Clementine Throw
 The Cotsworld company Evelena Clementine Throw-£35
 Next Ginger rustic woven cushion
 Next Ginger rustic woven cushion-£16
 Next Lit Gingko Tree
 Next Lit Gingko Tree -£50
What items have you picked up this season because of their Autumnal vibe?


Saturday, 3 October 2015

Where have I been?

Firstly, I believe I owe everyone a MASSIVE apology for being absent for a month. I had my schedule planned around school for when I went back however, when I went back the work just overwhelmed me and I was slightly surprised for it to be announced that I had mocks for the rest of my GCSE's which I will embark on taking in the summer. I then felt very unprepared and stressed, I had to dedicate all my time to revision and if I am honest I think it was MATHS which took all my time (further maths is the hardest subject I have taken so far!)

You may now be asking if I will be able to handle my blog still, and the answer is YES! The main reason I created my blog was for an escape and because I love writing, I think I just got a little side-tracked.

To ensure that I am posting regularly I am going to try and set a goal amount of posts a week, a great starting point I thought would be two posts per week. This way I am posting content frequently but giving myself enough time to write good quality posts (which is of course the main idea.)

I would like to thank those who will continue with me on this journey and to say I hope you enjoy a slightly better organised me!
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