Saturday, 3 October 2015

Where have I been?

Firstly, I believe I owe everyone a MASSIVE apology for being absent for a month. I had my schedule planned around school for when I went back however, when I went back the work just overwhelmed me and I was slightly surprised for it to be announced that I had mocks for the rest of my GCSE's which I will embark on taking in the summer. I then felt very unprepared and stressed, I had to dedicate all my time to revision and if I am honest I think it was MATHS which took all my time (further maths is the hardest subject I have taken so far!)

You may now be asking if I will be able to handle my blog still, and the answer is YES! The main reason I created my blog was for an escape and because I love writing, I think I just got a little side-tracked.

To ensure that I am posting regularly I am going to try and set a goal amount of posts a week, a great starting point I thought would be two posts per week. This way I am posting content frequently but giving myself enough time to write good quality posts (which is of course the main idea.)

I would like to thank those who will continue with me on this journey and to say I hope you enjoy a slightly better organised me!

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