Thursday, 10 September 2015

Oxford street lush haul

Recently I took a much waited for trip to the lush on Oxford Street which is (apparently) the biggest Lush store in the world and it lived up to that title with three floors of lush. Seeing as they had exclusive 'Oxford street' only products I had a "little" splurge on their bath items.
shark infested custard, melting marshmallow, dreamtime
shark infested custard, dreamtime, Melting marshmallow
The whole of the upstairs was dedicated to bath bombs, bars and these exclusive bath oils which  I loved so much I picked up three of them! The don't make bubbles in the bath or change the colour but they make your skin feel silky and they smell gorgeous. I picked up the melting marshmallow, shark infested custard and dreamtime.
Melting marshmallow was certainly my favourite bath oil as they fragrance was very sweet and reminded me of the scent of the cream candy bubble bar-good enough to eat! I liked the feeling of my skin after this oil as it hydrated my skin without making it feel like I had thick wrapping over my body.
I know the name shark infested custard sounds slightly bizarre but the vibrant yellow caught my eye and it smelt delicious. Even though I loved the smell I wasn't overly impressed with how my skin felt afterwards, this bath oil may suit some better then others, as my skin felt like it had a thick layer of oil afterwards and I didn't appreciate this feeling.
Dreamtime was a lavender scent, and as you have probably guessed, is a very relaxing fragrance, this would be perfect for a long, candle-light bath!
Rose jam bubbleroon, Granny takes a dip bubble barMy absolute favourite lush products are their bubble bars, I think they are great value for money as you can get more than one bath out of them and they create magical displays in your bath. I picked up granny takes a dip which is a famous bath bomb in lush (which rumour has that it is being discontinued.) I must admit I wasn't blown away by the colours made in the bath, but that may be because it is a bubble bar instead of bomb. You can certainly get four baths out of this though and the bar creates a lot of bubbles. The second bubble bar which I purchased was rose jam, this smelt delicious, once again very sweet. This is known as a bubbleroon because it really softens the skin as it contains coconut oil and shea butter -I can certainly say that it passed the test! Once again you can get three or four baths out of this and it creates plenty of bubbles so is a great value for money!
TThe comforter shower cream
A purchase which I am very proud of is the comforter shower cream, I had already tried the comforter bubble bar and I absolutely adored the BERRY fragrance so I knew this would go down as a treat. The shower cream itself is very thin and quiet runny so it is hard to control it but leaves your skin smelling amazing. I love the appearance of the cream, a vibrant pink containing gold glitter, the lady in lush was explaining to me how the glitter somehow dissolves in the water (probably more scientific than that) so you don't come out with glitter all over you!

What is your favourite Lush products?

Oh yeah and did I mention they had a mini spa there as well?


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