Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Favourite make-up brand: Benefit

Benefit make-up
It has come to my attention that half of my make-up draw is full of benefit products, I think this represents my love for the brand. For me, benefit is at the bottom of the high end spectrum of make-up and is the brand I have grown up with for make-up. I feel as if I purchase most of my products from here as my first make-up items were from benefit and therefore I am confident with the products.
Favourite products:
I absolutely adore benefit's creaseless cream eye shadow range and my favourite shade is birthday suit. I used to have the mini version but then splashed out on the large version of this shade. I love the formula of the cream shadows, they are a shimmer shade and are so easily spreadable and blend well with other colours in the range. Birthday suit is a gold, bronzy colour and my preferable shades of eye shadows are nude colours so it is no surprise this is my favourite eye shadow and benefit item. 
My other favourite benefit item is the they're real mascara. This mascara thickens my eye lashes and extends them so it looks as if I am wearing false eyelashes. I think it beats the other mascaras in the benefit range which is the roller lash and bad lash, and if my opinion is not persuasion enough that this is an incredible product the mascara was also voted number one in the UK.
Least favourite products:
One of my less preferable products is the all over me body mist. I don't want to seem ungrateful as I was given this as a gift but I really dislike the scent of the product. To me it has a soapy, musky smell whereas I prefer more floral and sweet scents. I also do not like the way that the mists sets on the skin, it doesn't see to soak in and lays on my skin layer uncomfortably.
Another item which I would avoud is the ultra plush lip gloss which I have in the shade a-lister. Firstly the colour is too much of a baby pink for me to wear and I do not think this shade suits me. Secondly the lip gloss formulation seems rather thick when on my lips but also quite slimy at the same time. Overall I would give the whole plush lips range a miss.
Price rating: ££
Their products are mid prices, they are not cheap but are more affordable than brands like Bobbi brown and Giorgio Armani, their prices average at about £20 per product.

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