Sunday, 2 August 2015

Inspiration (10 things)

Writers block. The dreaded fear of all bloggers, can't think, can't write, can't blog. Lately I have been a victim to writers block and here are some of the things which I do to re-inspire myself and get typing.
  1. Take a walk, stroll, plod- whichever pace suits you really! I find taking myself away from the laptop and into an new environment gives me a new thinking space.
  2. Listen to music- We all have different music that suits us best but I find typing in 'relaxing music' into youtube and listening to those tranquillizing songs takes me to a paradise where I can unwind.
  3. Read other blog posts- I am not saying STEAL their ideas but they can always prompt new and might I say better ideas.
  4. Take a shower- Legend has it that your best ideas come to you when you are showering.
  5. Unplug- Sometimes all the blog posts, tweets and dare I say those beach pictures on instagram wont help cure that writers blog. Take yourself away from your phone, laptop, the 21st century and allow and empty mind, then there is free space for new ideas!
  6. Take a nap-You may just be tired?
  7. Eat-Any excuse to eat is good really so we will use a writers block as one excuse.
  8. Talk to someone-Sometimes we gain inspiration from others.
  9. Go shopping- This would especially help if you are a beauty blogger as you may just find that product which is dying to have a review written about it.
  10. Read inspirational quotes-They do help. Period. Here I will leave you with one:Inspirational quotes for bloggers
What helps you best when you have a writers block?


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