Thursday, 27 August 2015

A day trip to London

Considering I live in Kent I think it is pretty shameful that I only visit London twice a year and I have still only visited few of Londons spectacular sights.

On my latest visit to the capital my family and I visited the new and improved London Dungeons which was a fun visit. I usually find places like this boring but credits due to the staff who are amazing actors and actresses and actually make the information interesting. I didn't find any of it too scary but I was always kept at the edge of my seat (especially at the Sweeney Todd part!) The rides were amusing even though I did have to go on the last one alone as the rest of my family chickened out. My only complaint is that the queue to get in is really deceiving, you think you are at the end of the queue go through some doors and queue again, get your photo taken then queue again, go down a lift then queue again- so basically be prepared to stand!

We then popped along to Pret to have lunch and these are not a rare sight in London with one around every corner. Afterwards we joined the queue to the London eye which I had not ever been on before, this queue was not as deceiving as London dungeons and what I thought on appearance would be a two hour queue was actually only forty minutes and is constantly moving. I was extremely delighted to find a sweet stand right at the end and I think my family was happy too as I stopped complaining! We were quite surprised to have to get on the moving pod but once you are on you hardly feel as if you are moving. From a distance I thought that the eye would be an hour long but it only really lasted for 20 minutes and once you are up high it doesn't seem too bad (and this is coming from someone who has a fear of heights!) I would definitely ride the London eye again but I would like to experience it at night.

What is a visit to London without Oxford street? Unfortunately I could only visit one shop as my Dad was refusing to waste his London visit 'pointlessly' shopping. However I chose well and paid an over due visit to Lush Oxford Street which, with three floors and its only mini spa, I do believe is the largest in the world. However I think my purchases will have to wait for another post!


Thank you for reading, what are your favourite places to visit in London?


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