Saturday, 29 August 2015

DSLR camera for beginner bloggers

For a while I have been debating whether to invest in a decent DSLR camera as spending that much money on a camera would mean me making a major commitment to blogging. I then came across the issue on whether I would even be able to use proper DSLR camera as they just look like a load of buttons which control lots of settings, if I am honest I just wanted a camera which when I clicked on a button, magically, an amazing blogworthy photo would appear! So summed up I was a complete beginner photographer (who doesn't even know how to attach a lens to a camera) who wanted a camera which produced high quality photos, with little complications and was willing to spend around the £300 benchmark.

The camera research then commenced and I was immediately launched into the Nikon vs Canon debate as the brand which you start up with is the brand which you stay with as lenses(which are never outdated) only fit onto one brands camera models. In the end all the technical terms which is each blog/review site was using confused with and I simply just went onto my favourite bloggers accounts to see whether they used a Canon camera or a Nikon camera(I know technical!) Overall it tallied up that most of my favourite bloggers used a Canon camera- so Canon it was!

I went to Curry's for the final browse and decided that the best candidate was the Canon 1200d, I think it was the part in the description which screamed at me 'GREAT FOR FIRST TIME DSLR USER!' There was the two options for either the 1200d with the 18-55mm lens (which it always comes with) which was £279 or the slightly more expensive canon  1200d with the usual 18-55mm lens and the 70-300mm lens which was £363. I decided to bite the bullet and choose the latter as I realised that lenses on their own are around £100 at the cheapest so buying another lens now _even if I do not use it immediately) would probably save me money in the long run and I somehow managed to purchase the bundle for £330 anyway. Alongside this I had to purchase a memory card which I had no idea I needed to do until the shop assistant showed me (I told you I was a complete beginner!) I ended up purchasing this PNY 32 GB which would apparently hold up to 4000 photos.

All I needed to do once the camera was unboxed was to check out the app and watch a couple of youtube videos on how to apply a lens then after half an hour I was already up and taking photographs. The camera has the automatic setting to automatically apply the correct lighting/ focus to the scene you are in, then it has other settings best for moving photos, close up photos, the flash setting then the portrait setting. The camera also has the option to create videos and for when you become more experienced with your camera and want to adventure out there is the manual settings where you can adjust the focus yourself, e.t.c. This camera basically does the work for you, so for beginners like me this is a great investment. Here is some photos I took on the same day that I unboxed the camera, here I am displaying them against the iPhone 5s which we can appreciate that it has a good camera installed:

The comforter shower cream from Lush oxford street
DSLR camera
iPhone 5s
Exclusive bath oils from Oxford Street Lush
DSLR camera
iPhone 5s camera
DSLR camera

iPhone 5s camera

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