Saturday, 19 December 2015

Best Drugstore Concealer Revealed

Collection, Maybelline, No7 and Rimmel concealersOver the course of this year I have been swabbing and swapping different concealers from the drugstore (due to many late nights and early mornings) which has lead me to give you advice on the best concealers and the ones which well... are not really worth the money...

No7 Match Made concealer £7.50- One of the good things about this concealer being No7 is that you can t get a match closet to your skin shade. and with 17 shades you are sure to find a match, mine is in the shade calico which is an amazing match  for my skin. However, for me, that is the only positive as I am not a fan of the formula as I find it hard to apply and hard to blend meaning there is a distinct line between my foundation and concealer. Also, the 16 hour lasting power is not essentially true as I find myself having to top up in places every two hours.

Maybelline The Eraser Eye £7.99- I remember there being a massive hype about this concealer around summer time and this even made it into one of my favourites posts; however now it is not such a favourite. It blends well with foundation but that is about it, I think it may partially because I purchased this in the shade nude whereas I now definitely know I am in the shade light! I think having only two shades as option though really does limit this concealer. Also I just don't really get along with the applicator, you have to turn the package for product to come out onto the sponge which only fits under certain parts of your eye and does not fit into the corners!

Rimmel Long Lasting concealer £5.49- This concealer blends really well and I like the applicator which means I can apply it in the corners of my eye and around my nose. I purchased this in the shade soft beige and I do find the colour has a bit of orangey undertones but overall this is a solid concealer.

Collection Lasting perfection £3.99- I have this shade in fair and it is amazing as it brightens underneath my eyes and blends well with my make-up. The applicator means I can apply the concealer in the corners of my eyes and it leaves a seamless finish! This concealer certainly lasts a long time as well as I don't find myself having to top it up at all during the day.

Collection, Rimmel, No7, Maybelline concealers
Collection, Rimmel, No7, Maybelline concealers

So overall I would say the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer is the best for value, application and colour but the Rimmel Wake Me Up closely follows, certainly making it into the top two. For me the Maybelline one just doesn't really work, maybe because it is in the wrong colour and because of the applicator. And the No7 match made concealer? Considering it is one of the more pricier concealers it is really not worth it.

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