Saturday, 21 November 2015

Face masks

In the Wintery months the perfect thing to do is to soak in a warm bubble bath with a box of chocolates and a face mask on. Face masks are an area which I feel many people are shady on as there isn't really anyone to tell you which is best, here are a selection of my favourites:

Face masks: Lush cranberry and Super facialist pore purifying

Lush Cranberry face mask- Whenever I have bought a face mask from Lush before it has always been the one which has most appealed to me by ingredients or name not the mask which is suited best to my skin. When I told the lady in Lush that I had dry skin and the only two masks I had used was cupcake and catastrophe cosmetic she was shocked as apparently these are the worst masks for dry skin. Instead she suggested the masks Oat fix and their festive mask cranberry.  I tried cranberry and it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, unlike cupcake it has quiet a nice fragrance added to it and is not overwhelming (I hate a poignant scent on my face when I am trying to relax in the bath.) After using the mask my skin feels extremely clean and it feels like the remaining dirt on my face has been removed.

Super facialist pore purifying clay mask- This is an affordable face mask which I have recently re purchased from Boots. The face mask is thin which means it is easy to apply and remove and wont make a mess of your bathroom sink! This mask is great for when your pores feel clogged and leaves your face feeling clean. This mask does make my face tingle slightly but that is because I have very sensitive skin. I am yet to purchase more  products by  Una Brennan.

What face products are your favourites?

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