Tuesday, 21 July 2015

W.I.P nails!

Review of urban outfitters northern lights, secret garden and bonjouri nail polish from their W.I.P range which was on sale.
Left to right polish names: Northern lights, Secret garden and Bonjouri
Whenever I am in urban outfitters I am constantly admiring the W.I.P nail polish range but at the price of £6 each I have always restricted myself from purchasing them. However, during my last visit the store had a summer sale on (which firstly really scares me seeing as I have only just started my summer holiday) in which the nail polishes were included in. Instead of their usual price of £6 I purchased the polishes secret garden and bonjouri at £3 and northern lights at £1 (even the cashier said she would have to go and later purchase northern lights during her lunch break due to the amazing bargain!)
Here is what I would match each of these nail polishes with:
Northern lights- This is a matte colour which is a royal purple with gold glitter immersed throughout it. This purple has a majestic feel and I would especially paint my nails this colour when attending formal events. I would incorporate other purples, gold's and dark colours in my outfit to highlight the gold glitter.
Bonjouri- This consists of white, blue and pink pigments and is such a fun nail polish. For me, this is more of a casual polish and I think denim jeans or shorts and white tees would really projects this fun print.
Secret Garden- This is a clear polish immersed with blue sequins. This polish is quite a challenge to apply however looks a masterpiece when finished. This is a real summer colour for me and I am planning to paint my nails this colour when I go on holiday as I think it is the perfect match for laying by the pool and relaxing by the sea. I think this colour would compliment other blues and denims as well as white and silver.


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